Handmade leather goods

Handmade leather goods were the first human clothes or shoes. Since humans started to hunt, they noticed that the animal leather can be used to protect from cold or to protect some parts of the human body by any other considerations.

During the time, handmade leather goods were more sophisticated and the processing methods were much better than at the start of this “journey”.

Since the handmade leather goods were firstly used since today, leather is considered a durable, flexible, comfortable, waterproof and insulating material. There is still not a suitable replacement. The artificial leather hasn’t the same characteristic as the natural one.

Historically, in Moldova leather goods were very popular. A traditional sheep leather waistcoat and the traditional shoes (opinci) made more often from the pork skin, were made for centuries in Moldova and all nowadays Romania. Local people were fascinated by the leather characteristics, and along with handmade rugs and carpets, handmade ceramics, clothes, became part of the Moldovan and Romanian culture.

Another historically well-known fact is that some rich people, and after the outlaws (haiducii, men who were hiding and fighting with rich people and invaders) were wearing a sheepskin (cojoc) on their shoulders, which could be used as a warm coat, or as a blanket when overnighting in the woods. It was a very popular item among brave Moldovan and Romanian people.

Today, in Moldova, since the Independence in 1991, many very good craftsmen started to process leather manually, producing amazing handmade leather bags or handmade leather wallets. These amazing craftsmen are even very popular in the whole world, by the quality of their products.

Usually, for handmade leather wallets, bags or any other items it is used the high-quality calf leather.

The quality of leather handicrafts definitely are moving Moldova handicrafts in general to a good position in the rating of best handicrafts manufacturers in the world. Moldova is very rich in very good craftsmen, not only in processing leather but in knitting, crocheting, rugs manufacturing, wood carving, et cetera.

All leather goods from our online store are hand-painted and sewn. In average it takes 3 to 5 days to make an average complexity item.

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