Handmade leather bags

For thousands of years, handmade leather bags were a mandatory accessory for both men and women. To be more correct, the first bags were from cloth and from leather. At that time it was easier to make from the cloth one, because of the leather properties and complexity of its processing.

Until the pockets were invented, people were carrying their things in the medium-sized bags – handmade leather bags or handmade cloth bags. In the Victorian time, were very popular small bags hanging on the belt, where people could put their coins. Similar to a modern wallet. As much the small leather bag was decorated, as bigger status has had the owner of the bag.

Even after the “pocket revolution”, the handmade handbags were very popular between the population of any place in the world, because of its utility. It is very suitable to place some stuff in the bag and to go to the city or to a friend/relative. Nothing changed nowadays. Just maybe the sizes of the bags. For men, they became smaller, and for woman remained at the same size.

Today one of the most popular bags are handmade leather bags. Usually are made from calf leather – one of the best leather for leather items. Handmade leather wallets are made from calf leather as well.

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