Handmade rag rugs

Handmade rag rugs are a type of handmade rugs and carpets. It is a new way of making rugs when no raw materials were available, but lots of used textile could be found in the house.

It is known as handmade rag rugs were made by poor people, from recycled textile, not used anymore. This way was found by people, who did not have money for new rugs but needed to cover the cold floor.

In Moldova, handmade rag rugs were very popular in the last centuries. Even now are popular in some villages.

Usually, in the remote villages, one member of the family knew how to make a rag rug, and this knowledge is transmitting from one generation to another. As the raw material is using parts of the old dresses from cotton or any other cotton.

Even it is a “poor people” rugs, they are beautiful by its combination of colours and by its patterns. Also, as a final product, handmade rag rugs are very strong, qualitative and warm. You can find these rugs in almost every house in rural Moldova.

As of its popularity, these rugs are still producing in Moldova, but not in such a big volume as in the past.

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It will be a great achievement for your house, for more freshness, quality and soul! Every handicraft in your house will give individuality to your home!

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