Handmade soft toys

Handmade soft toys are the most preferred by children. The reason for this behaviour towards soft toys is the multitude of shapes, forms, colours, which excite children. Also, there is a very big variety of sizes as well.

Handmade soft toys can be all toys with a soft filling as. This filling can be natural, like straw, or can be artificial, like holofiber, for example. Our craftsmen are using holofiber because of its anti-allergic characteristic. It is absolutely harmless for children of any age.

Handmade soft toys can be crochet or knit. Soft toys can be crochet in different techniques. One of them is Amigurumi. It is an old very popular Japanese technique. When a Japanese technique is combined with Moldovan craftsmen, the result is a beautiful toy.

An important characteristic of the soft crochet or knit toys is the forms. These toys can be a funny hippopotamus, can be a Teddy bear, a wonderful doll or just a small hedgehog. This large range of items makes soft toys very popular in the world, and in Moldova in special.

The colours of the handmade toys from our online store are absolutely stunning. Each toy has its personality because of the beautiful colours.

As our soft toys are selling very quickly, do not waste time and order right now! In quick time your lovely toy will be at your door! And do not forget – Moldova handicrafts are one of the best in the world!

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