Ceramic souvenirs

By our craftsmen, ceramic souvenirs are the most beautiful souvenir in the world. It is hard to contradict them, as they are pottery and ceramics craftsmen.  And they love what they are doing.

The souvenirs from ceramics have probably the same age as the ceramic. After humans start to produce pottery jugs, mugs and cups, they started to produce items for entertainment as well. For their children, for their friends, relatives, and why not, wives. Sometimes ceramic souvenirs made thousands of years ago were absolutely amazing. Can compete with souvenirs from pottery made in nowadays.

First ceramic souvenirs were found along with other household items as jugs, mugs or cups. That means the evolution of household ceramic items was in parallel with the evolution of the souvenirs from ceramic.

In Romania (including Moldova), first ceramic items were dated 4600 years ago. Souvenirs were decorated with lines or ay other scratches.

As of influence of many other powers, during the time were found souvenirs specifically Byzantine or Roman, or Tatars. But most of the souvenirs were specifically Thracian, Dacian, and later Romanian. We are a sedentary people, mostly occupation being agriculture, and developed our techniques and our art of decorating and making souvenirs.

In Moldova, there are several very good souvenir craftsmen. They are producing these nice items for many decades. We have on our Moldova handicrafts online store many small magnets, from brothers Scutelnic, in the shape of traditional Moldovan houses, or people in traditional clothes in the court of their traditional Moldovan house. All these items are beautiful, and any fridge where will be stuck will look different.

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