Willow baskets

Willow baskets are the oldest baskets in human history. People have started to make willow baskets and any other items from the Neolithic period. Baskets were used for depositing cereals, for drying fruits, for fishing. From the old times, when farmers have had something to sell, they were carrying the products to the market in the baskets. It was the most suitable way to carry the products mentioned above.

In Moldova this craft it is very popular in the forest areas and the river nearby areas were the willow is growing. Also, it is very popular in the Moldova region in Romania or West Ukraine. It was a required attribute in every house.

In present, the purpose of the willow baskets and any other items braided from willow are different. In the countryside farmers re still depositing stuff in them, but in the urban areas, people are looking of the artistic part side of these items. Some of the people are keeping willow items on a table with nice rustic things on it, or keep fruits in them, on the main table in the dining room. Other people are using baskets for shopping, as in the old times. It is eco friendly and stylish.

The basket itself is lightweight and easy to carry. It is reusable and will last you a very long time. It depends on the size, but usually, it has very much room and can keep lots in there. They are also good for carrying picnic food or to go to the beach.

Patterns of the baskets are very nice and good on touch.

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