Wood craft

Wood craft is one of the oldest and one of the most beautiful craft.

From the apparition of the Human Sapiens, wood craft was one of the important human’s occupation. From the very old time were made from wood different tools for hunting, for defence from the lions, tigers and other hunters. Even chimpanzee is using wood tools when they are scrubbing in the tree, looking for ants, one of their important source of protein.

Even mammoths, when they were living on Earth, were hunted using wood spears. This means that wood was one of the main material in human being.

Centuries after centuries, wood craft became an art. Humans were hunting less, they started to have a more sedentary lifestyle. They started to have more time for craft. As wood was one of the accessible material, they were using it to make different items as wooden kitchen items, wooden musical instruments or wood carving.

In Moldova, wood craft was very important for millennia, as all lands where actually is positioned Moldova, were forests. Wood carving tradition is very old in these territories. Most of the household items were made from wood.  Starting with wooden plates and ending with agricultural accessories as wooden hoes, plough or sowers.

In present, there are absolutely fantastic craftsmen, in Moldova, who are doing amazing wooden items! Their knowledge is coming from their ancestors, and it is transmitting by word of mouth.

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