Wooden kitchen items

Wooden kitchen items were the oldest kitchen items in the household. After using wood for hunting, it started to be used for everyday life. Even before pottery and ceramics.

It was very suitable to have wooden kitchen items at home because of the ease of being made. As there are trees everywhere, let us say the raw material for wood, for humans were very easy to break a branch and to make an item from it. For the bigger items, where required bigger trees or branches, humans have had different techniques to bring the tree down.

They were carving wood with sharp stones. As a result, from ancient times wood carving and wood craft, in general, became one of the main occupations of the more sedentary lifestyle people.

During the time, wood crafting was developing together with kitchen utensils manufacturing. In the Middle Ages, wooden household items were the cheapest way to have some household tools, agricultural tools or kitchen items. More reach people were using ceramic or pottery household items.

In Moldova even now can be found in some villages kitchen utensils from wood as plates, spoons, forks and different other utensils. They are eco-friendly and easy to use.

The tradition of crafting wooden kitchen items came in Moldova many many years ago. For many centuries it was the main material for kitchen utensils. So, the tradition of making these utensils is very old.

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