Moldova handicrafts
Moldovahandicrafts.com is the only handicrafts store in the UK, with items made by the best craftsmen from Republic of Moldova. On our online shop, you will find the best quality Moldova handicrafts like pottery, knitting, crocheting, macrame, embroidery, wood craft, willow baskets, handmade leather, gifts and national symbols items!
From the old times, Moldovan crafts were well known as one of the best in that part of Europe. Ceramics made by Dacians (the ancestors of the 70% of the actual population of Moldova) were very popular in the neighbourhood countries by its quality and thermal characteristics.
Crocheting, embroidery and knitting also have a rich history in Moldova. Some articles of clothing even in present are crafting only by hand, in several villages.
Wood crafting also is an old popular craft in Moldova. As pottery, there are famous craftsmen who are inheriting skills from their parents, grandfathers and grand grandfathers.
As Moldova is a wine country, with huge wine culture, for centuries willow baskets were used to collect grapes. On our craft store, you will find a wide range of different willow items, like baskets or different items for the garden.
We are delivering by default only to the United Kingdom. The good news is that on purchase of more than £200, we are offering free shipping in the United Kingdom! Customers from any other countries contact us on our Facebook Moldova Handicrafts page or by email trestik@gmail.com, and we will find a way to deliver the desired item to your door!

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