Handmade bags

Handmade bags are a very old and very useful accessory, with thousands of years history. Even the form and materials are different, bags were and are part of our life. In the old times, when humans learned how to process leather, the first bags were leather handmade bags. Later, when were discovered other raw materials, handmade bags started to be made from cotton, fabric, vinyl, rubber or, last 50 years, even from plastic. Hopefully, now is a big “war” on using plastic bags, and people are more oriented on ecologically inoffensive materials for bags. This is why now cotton bags are very popular.

Handmade cotton bags can be used on a daily basis, as before the discovering and mass using of the plastic bags, which are the big issue of our lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. Even in the ocean, there are isles of plastic bags.

Even 30-40 years ago, our parents and their parents were using the same bags for many years, going to the grocery. Usually, this bag was from cotton. Everybody in the house knew where is the shopping bag.

In Moldova, cotton bags or Communist-style thread bags, were very popular up to early 2000, when the plastic bags took their place. Even so, in many villages old people were going to the grocery with their own handmade bags. It looks like this tradition hopefully is returning back.

Crafting cotton bags is a relatively new occupation in Moldova. There are a few amazing craftsmen who are painting bags, with big enthusiasm and love. The quality of the bags is amazing as all Moldova handicrafts from our online store!

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