Handmade leather wallets

Handmade leather wallets have a long history.

In old times wallets were similar to bags, where people could keep even food and/or different other stuff. When the coins appeared, with the other stuff in wallets were keeping the money as well.

The word “wallet” start to be in use since the 14th century. It was a similar word from Flamish and French. In that period wallets were still used for carrying different stuff, not only coins or any other expensive metals, like gold for example.

When the banknotes were invented, handmade leather wallets began to be more similar to wallets nowadays. First time appeared a compartment for banknotes.

As a curiosity, in the 19th-century wallets were used to carry on tobacco, in England and Spain. There was enough space for tobacco, paper, flint and a small piece of steel. Wallet full of smoking accessories was the predecessor of the cigarettes pack.

Currently, handmade leather wallets are an important accessory for both women and men. Usually, we are using it for banknotes, coins, credit cards or business cards. So, it is very important for us.

As handmade leather bags, leather wallets are very popular between leather items lovers. Everybody knows that a leather wallet is the best wallet.

In Moldova, there are many high-quality craftsmen specialized in leather processing. They are using the best leather for this purpose – the calf leather. All leather is hand-painted and sewn.

Even the leather wallet is difficult to produce, in our online shop, you can find handmade leather goods at low prices. Generally, Moldova handicrafts are one of the best in the world, on affordable prices.

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