Handmade rugs and carpets

Carpets and rugs are a component part of our house. You will not see a house without at least one rug or carpet in it. Even could be a handmade rug, a handmade area rug, a handmade rag rug runner, a handmade carpet or some handmade wool rugs.

The history of handmade carpets and rugs begins 3500 years ago, in Persia. Carpets and rugs were used as thermal insulation, in cold weather. After, carpets and rugs were used by Persians when praying. In centuries, carpets and rugs became an art, with more and more craftsman involved in it. Even these days Persian handmade rugs and carpets are very popular in the world.

The oldest carpet was found in Altay mountains, in actual Russia. In a prince’s grave. The scientists were fascinated by the quality of work. The manufacturing technique was at a very high level for that time. The name of this carpet in Pazirik, by the name of the valley where the grave was found.

Before industrialisation, all carpets and rugs were handmade, on a loom or by any other techniques. Usually on the handmade rugs can be found characteristic symbols of a certain period of time. This is how sometimes scientist could find, without any expertise, the age of the rug or of the carpet.

The history of handmade rugs and carpets in Moldova starts centuries ago, being one of the main Moldova handicrafts. There are still craftsmen with skills received from their parents, grandparents or even grand-grandparents.

From the old times, handmade rugs and carpets in Moldova were used as thermic insulation, as in other parts of the world. Meantime, carpets and rugs became a composition of art, their patterns showing the most important moments of a certain period.

A characteristic moment for Moldova was that carpets were such an appreciated household item, as it was hanging only on the walls, in the most important rooms of the house. And were transmitted from generations to generations. Some of the carpets or rugs could be in a house for more than 100 years.

Unfortunately, the handmade carpets and rugs manufacturing traditions are forgotten, but by increasing the popularity of these awesome traditional items, we hope to revitalize the industry.

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