Handmade toys

Toys are very important for children in general. Handmade toys are more important, as most of them are made from natural components and are non-allergic. Each age has its type of toys. In a very early age, handmade soft toys are more popular among children. They are soft and very pleasant in touch. Preferable toys to be small, to be kept in the hand, but not too small, not to be swallowed. Also, children like toys in different shapes, to explore them.

With age, the preferences are changing. Children like toys they will play with. This is because in the world only “Lego” has a turnover of more than 14 billion USD in 2019. That means children like to play construction, logical games, and it looks the age range is quite large.

Handmade toys are popular as well. And more healthy, as usually there is no plastic component of the toy. Is a common thing that handmade toys are made from different fibres, cotton or wood. Less plastic or non-ecological components.

Toys can be even crochet or knit, with a filling in it. These will be handmade soft toys. The filling can be holofiber – an anti-allergic suitable for young and allergic children.

More than that, toys are responsible for children mood or even development. As more children are playing with more different toys, as they are developing quickly.

In Moldova is an old tradition of making toys as part of Moldova handicrafts culture. Our craftsmen are producing crochet toys, knit toys, wooden toys and so on. The quality of our handcrafted toys is very high, as all of the items from our online shop.

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