Pottery and ceramics

Pottery and ceramics have a similar meaning. By some craftsmen, the difference between them is that pottery has as raw material just clay, but ceramics has a combination of components, like glaze for example. By other craftsmen, pottery is more related to products made on the potter’s wheel, and ceramics are more related to any other products from clay and made by hand, as ceramic souvenirs.

We have on our Moldova handicrafts online store pottery and ceramics under the same category, as there is no evident difference between these two definitions.

Pottery and ceramics are the first material made by humans, after heat treatment. Old-time humans noticed that if to put clay in the fire, after a while it will be transformed in hard material. The important moment of the development of ceramics craft is that clay can be modelled in any shape they want. This was a crucial moment in human history. After that discovery, the problem with food storage was partially solved. So, from then, humans could save food for more days and can have a more sedentary lifestyle. They did not need to go daily to hunt, as they have had some provisions in the pottery jugs, mugs and cups or any other vessels.

As this craft was very popular in the whole world, Moldova wasn’t an exception. There was found many pieces of jugs or mugs, made by Thracians and Dacians, the ancestors of people who are living now in the Republic of Moldova. The pottery-making tradition has thousands of years in the territory where is now Moldova and is one of the main Moldova handicrafts. We have craftsmen who are teaching their skill to their sons, as Zaharia and Adrian Triboi. They are specialists in black ceramics as well.

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